Fencing Books


If you would like to learn more about the specifics of fencing, you may want to consider looking at one or more of these books.

The following list of books on the sport of fencing should not be thought of as complete.  Online bookstores and databases (e.g., amazon.com) are a good resource to search for more information.

You can also visit the Fencing.Net Site Directory for in-depth descriptions of several fencing books.

The Art and Science of Fencing

by Nick Evangelista

1996, Masters Press

The Inner Game of Fencing
Excellence in Form, Technique, Strategy, and Spirit

by Nick Evangelista

2000, Masters Press


Steps to Success

by Elaine Cheris

2002, Human Kinetics Publishers

Take Foil Groups To The Competitive Level

Vinnie Bradford (American Fencers Supply)

Understanding Fencing

Zbigniew Czajkowski (American Fencers Supply)

Foil, Epee and Sabre Fencing Skills

Maxwell Garret et al (American Fencers Supply)

Foil Technique and Terminology

Jean Jacques Gillet (American Fencers Supply)

Clearing The Path To Victory

Aladar Kogler (American Fencers Supply)

Planning To Win

Aladar Kogler (American Fencers Supply)

Electric Foil Fencing, Advanced Competitive Training

Istvan Lukovich (American Fencers Supply)

Fencing, The Modern International Style

Istvan Lukovich (American Fencers Supply)


Charles Selberg (American Fencers Supply)

Magnum Libre D’Escrime (The Big Book Of Fencing)

Rudy Volkmann (American Fencers Supply)

Foil, Theory, Method and Exercises

Ziemek Wojciechowski (Leon Paul, USA)

Epee Combat Manual

Terrence Kingston (Leon Paul, USA)

One Touch at a Time

Aladar Kogler (Leon Paul, USA)

Schools and Masters of Fencing:
From the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century

2003 (originally in 1885) Dover

by Egerton Castle

Fight Directing for the Theatre

by J. Allen Suddeth

1996, Heinemann

Other Fencing Books

  • Alaux, Modern Fencing (Charles Scribner, 1975)
  • Anderson, All About Fencing (Arco, 1970)
  • Anderson, Tackle Fencing (Paul, ?)
  • Angelo, The School of Fencing (Land's End Press, 1971)
  • Barbasetti, The Art of the Foil (EP Dutton, 1932)
  • de Beaumont, All About Fencing (Coles, 1978)
  • de Beaumont, Fencing: Ancient Art and Modern Sport (ES Barnes, 1978)
  • de Beaumont, Teach Yourself Fencing (McKay, 1968)
  • de Beaumont, Your Book of Fencing (Transatlantic, 1970)
  • Beke & Polgar, The Methodology of Sabre Fencing (Corvina Press, 1963)
  • Bower, Foil Fencing 7th Ed. (Brown & Benchmark, 1993)
  • Campos, The Art of Fencing (Vantage Press, 1988)
  • Castello, The Theory and Practice of Fencing (Charles Scribner, 1933)
  • Castello, Hugh, Fencing (Ronald Press, 1962)
  • Castle, The Schools and Masters of Fence (Arms & Armour Press, 1969)
  • Crosnier, Fencing with the Foil (Faber & Faber, 1951)
  • Curry, Fencing (Foresman, 1969)
  • Curry, The Fencing Book (Human Kinetics, 1983)
  • Deladrier, Modern Fencing (U.S. Naval Institute, 1948, reprint 1954)
  • Evangelista, Encyclopedia of the Sword (Greenwood, 1995)
  • FIE, Rules of Competition (AFA, CFF, USFA, etc., every year)
  • Garret, Foil Fencing (Penn State, 198?)
  • Garret et al, Foil, Sabre, and Epee Fencing (Penn State, 1994)
  • Gaugler, Fencing Everyone (Hunter, 1987)
  • Gaugler, History of Fencing (Laureate, 1997)
  • Hutton, The Sword and the Centuries (Charles E. Tuttle, 1980)
  • Kogler, Planning to Win (CounterParry)
  • Lukovich, Electric Foil Fencing (Corvina Press, 1971)
  • Lukovich, Fencing (Corvina Press, 1986)
  • Manley, Complete Fencing (Doubleday, 1979)
  • Morton, A-Z of Fencing (Queen Anne, 1988)
  • Nadi, The Living Sword: A Fencer's Autobiography (Laureate Press, 1995)
  • Nadi, On Fencing (G.P. Putnam, 1943) (Laureate Press, 1994)
  • Nelson, Winning Fencing (Henry Regnery, 1975)
  • Norcross, Fencing: the foil (Ward Lock)
  • Palffy-Alpar, Sword and Masque (FA Davis, 1967)
  • Pitman, Fencing, Techniques of Foil, Epee, and Sabre (Crowood, 1988)
  • Manley, Compleate Fencing (Doubleday, 198?)
  • Selberg, Foil (Addison-Wesley, 1976)
  • Selberg, Revised Foil (Spotted Dog Press, 1993)
  • Shaff, Fencing for All (Scribner, 1981)
  • De Silva, Fencing: The Skills of the Game (Crowood, 1992)
  • Simmonds and Morton, Start Fencing (Sportman's Press, 1989)
  • Simmonds and Morton, Fencing to Win (Sportman's Press, 1994)
  • Simonian, Basic Foil Fencing 2nd Ed. (Kendall/Hunt, 1982)
  • Skipp, Fencing (Know the Sport) (Stackpole, 1997)
  • Szabo, Fencing and the Master (Corvina Kiado, 1982)
  • Bac Tau, Fencing (self published, 1994)
  • Vass, Epee Fencing (Corvina, 1976)
  • Wyrick, Foil Fencing (W.B. Saunders, 1971)